Tuesday, 2 July 2013


The next Reiki II workshop will take place on friday 19 of July.
Please contact me if you are interested or know of someone who may be.

Reiki II will deal with those hidden areas of your life that so far you may not have wanted to look at, or even may be totally unaware of. You may be ready for the journey....

Friday, 22 March 2013

Spring Equinox 2013 at the Seed of Life

We all gathered this evening at Ba's house at the Seed of Life to celebrate the spring equinox. Some brave souls joined us- Ba, Lindsey and myself - as the weather was quite challenging outside.
We had to jiggle our plans around a bit as the weather did not allow us to do what we had in mind.
Lindsey unveiled a beautiful plaque to commemorate the 2012 winter solstice and all the Heart Intentions which were poured out on that day. It stated "Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven" SO BE IT and a message to remind us what was the intention of last solstice. The plaque was also adorned with 2 hearts (one above and one below the text) as well as the "OM" symbol and the 2 intertwined triangles (one pointing down and one pointing upwards) or 6 pointed star also called Star of David. We chanted the OM sound and put a little contribution next to a 3 stemmed Rose Peace.
Then we all gathered by the fire into Ba's lounge were we celebrated the equinox going around the 4 elements and the centre.
The whole evening was focused on balance, equilibrium, equanimity and peace as we felt that this was important for us to remember and celebrate today. We knew that others were tuning in tonight as we felt them all.
The evening was peaceful and it just felt perfect. 

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Next Kriya Yoga Meditation on 14 March 2013

The next Kriya Yoga will take place on March 14 between 18.30 and 20.00. 
If you are interested to join me/us please contact me.

Kriya Yoga Meditation is a very special moment to share with you

Reiki II on 23 of March

I am running a Reiki II on March 23. 

The workshop is now full, but if you are interested in learning any level of Reiki, please contact me directly.