Thursday, 17 March 2016

What happened to me since my last post (Part 1) - Trip to Lebanon september 2014

 With Max and Beirut in the background

 With Fred in Sofar

 One of the happiest memory of my trip
Much water has gone under the bridge since my last blog which was a year and a half ago!!!
Major milestones was my trip to Lebanon - my roots - with my kids.
I am the daughter of the Lebanese Cedar. Here resting in its lap
Going back to my homeland with my children was a very special event which has left me wanting to go back again, again and again…
I needed to take my father's ashes back and wanted my kids to connect with part of their genetic heritage. Thanks to my wonderful cousin Néda, who not only opened her house and arms to us but fully opened her heart to make our stay as comfortable as possible.
All the family with my cousin Néda first from the left and next to her Fred my other cousin.
Seeing my nannies Faridé and Wissal touched my heart and I can't thank enough Georges and Nadine for driving us everywhere and being amazing hosts with Néda. I hope one day I can repay all the favours and blessings bestowed upon me during my stay there.
 Nadine and Georges in Saida

Visiting many holy places, be it the cedars, our Lady of Lebanon, our childhood summer house in Sofar… everything was unforgettable. 
 With Wissal

 With Faridé

 One of my favourite picture
 With Néda
 Our Lady of Lebanon
The girls with Nadine

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