Thursday, 17 March 2016

What happened to me since my last post - (Part 2) - Going solo in 2015

After 4 years following, Swami Aliyananda Paramahansa, the time came to find my own feet, my own guru, my own light. I couldn't follow in someone else's footsteps and be in their shadow.
I started to question my belonging to a group and the implication and consequences to it. This questioning was backed up with dreams and revelations which led me to separate myself from what has been my lamppost for over 4 years.
Was it hard? yes, very, as one needs to redefine what defined them initially and one has to find their own voice, their own song, their own dance and their fragrance. And when one has been swallowed in a group identity as I was, serving the interest and purpose of one person, it was difficult to see the woods from the trees. Saying all of this I am ever so grateful to Aliyananda for all she has taught me and shown me about myself and herself. She was a good teacher for me and thanks to her I was able to realise what it was I really wanted to do and where I wanted to be.

 Getting an award for inspiring human potential september 2014

 Get your light shining - However shy it is
 One unforgettable moment, was an outing we did with Satish Kumar in Dartmoor in August 2015. We never went to India with Aliyananda, but instead we went with a group led by Satish to Dartmoor and had a wonderful outing.

 Outing with Satish Kumar in Dartmoor
I have just come back from a trip to Iceland and Madrid and am ready to embrace anything new in my life. I feel blessed with my life, my friends and my family. I am blessed, I don't actually feel it, I know that I am blessed.

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